Musical Life2017-12-07
Music Life Daily is a central and national newspaper under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China and sponsored by China Culture and Art Co., LTD., with the unified domestic publication number: CN11-0230 and the national postal code: 1-191。 Music Life, founded in 1993, is the only print media with independent publishing, independent management and focus on music and art among more than 100 central level newspapers in the country. At present, it is published on Monday, 24 pages in four editions and printed in color。For 20 years,...[View details]
Han-tang Art Exchange2017-12-07
1. What special qualifications and licenses does Hantang have? A: Hantang Art Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "Hantang") was approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in March 2011, and suspended trading in October of the same year。 In November 2013, on the basis of China Culture and Art Co., Ltd. being ordered to accept and complete the task of maintaining stability and clearing out on time as required by the Beijing Municipal Government, Hantang became the "exchange agreed to be retained by the inter-ministerial joint meeting in accordance with the newly established procedures"....[View details]
Qingdao Yihai cultural art trading center2017-12-07
Qingdao Yihai Cultural art Trading Center is approved by the Qingdao municipal government, municipal Bureau of Commerce, Financial Office, Cultural and Guangzhou New Bureau, Securities Regulatory Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, China Banking Regulatory Commission and other relevant departments jointly reviewed and approved the establishment of cultural art trading service institutions。In line with the concept of cultural docking capital and trading value enhancement, the trading center is committed to integrating the industrial chain of cultural works of art, providing investors with safe and convenient Internet trading services for cultural works of art, and creating a first-class cultural works of art in China...[View details]
Korea Culture and Art Exchange2017-12-07
The Korea Culture and Art Exchange was established on November 13, 2015, Main business scope: Cultural art trading (stamps,货币,Fine arts, etc.), import and export of cultural works of art (stamps,货币,Fine arts, etc.), e-commerce transactions, online shopping websites, mobile App development, entertainment industry, overseas tourism industry, overseas investment and crowdfunding, real estate development, related service industry, related wholesale and retail, related import and export business, related collateral...[View details]
Hainan Sino-Horse Culture and Art Co., LTD2017-12-07
Hainan China-Malaysia Culture and Art Co., LTD. (referred to as China-Malaysia Company) was jointly funded by Igaran Group of Malaysia and China Art Company in 1993。 In 1999, the company acquired the right to use the state-owned land of 2000 mu in Longwu Town, Wanning City, Hainan Province, and 375 mu in Fucheng town, Haikou City.And paid the land transfer fee and related funds in full, and obtained the People's Republic of China state-owned land use certificate。 Hainan Chinese Arts Center project by Malaysia...[View details]
Beijing Zhongyi fashion2017-12-07
Beijing Art Fashion Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is the holding company of China Art Company, referred to as "China Art Communication".。 On the basis of the business of Zhongyi Company, Zhongyi Fashion is committed to the undertaking of cultural activities, cultural brokerage, cultural public relations promotion of social enterprises, cultural projects, artist publicity and promotion。 Zhongyi fashion has the strength and experience to undertake and participate in various cultural activities, "integrity"...[View details]
China Jade Culture Research Institute2017-12-07
China Jade Culture Research Institute;Chinese Jade Culture Institute,It is under the friendly care of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macao Special Administrative Region,A non-profit research institution specially approved by the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region,Registration number: 4570,The announcement was published in the 24th Communique of the Macao Special Administrative Region。 China Jade Culture Research Institute is organized by China Art Company and Macao Haocheng Science and Technology...[View details]
China Art company film and television center2017-12-07
China Art Company Film and Television Center is a non-independent legal entity under China Culture and Art Co., LTD., holding the film and television production license issued by the State Administration of Radio, Film and television, mainly engaged in the creation, investment, shooting, post-production and online business of film and television series。 Since its establishment, the Film and Television Center has shot, produced and distributed more than a dozen films, including the public welfare films "Blood Ties", "I will Live" and "In the Name of Life" jointly shot with the Red Cross Society of China...[View details]
Chinese jade identification2017-12-07
Company name: China Jade Grade Appraisal Center Co., LTD., Ltd. Subsidiary: China Jade Appraisal Center Legal person Registration number: 36102 (SO) Legal representative: Lu Changhe jade production, management and sales;Jade appraisal and related business;Hold jade exhibition, import and export trade。 Chinese jade...[View details]
Beijing Oriental Broadway International Theatre2017-12-07
Beijing Oriental Broadway International Theatre Management Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign cooperative enterprise jointly funded by Beijing Times New Era Culture Communication Co., LTD., a subsidiary of China Arts Company, and Nederlund Global Entertainment Co., LTD。Oriental Broadway Company is also the first Chinese-foreign cooperative performance company and Chinese-foreign cooperative theater management company in China that has been approved and holds a cross-provincial operation license。At this stage, Oriental Broadway Company is committed to building a Chinese version of the "Disneyland" model in Beijing and other three places...[View details]

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