Zhongyi Company and Ministry of Culture and Tourism Talent Center
Hold a symposium
时间:2021/10/27 11:59:05   Article source: China Culture and Art Co., LTD

      On October 26, 2021, China Culture and Arts Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "China Art Company") and the Talent Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (hereinafter referred to as the "Talent Center") held a symposium on the cooperation between the two sides to build an evaluation and certification system for cultural and art talents, and create an integrated development of academic education and non-academic training。    

      The company introduced the current situation of resource integration, cooperation lineup and co-construction direction, hoping to carry out cooperation on the basis of the existing professional ability rating system of the talent center。The Talent Center introduced the origin, current situation and future plan of the professional ability rating system, indicating that the two sides have the possibility of full cooperation and are willing to further discuss this in the future。 

      Mr. Lu Changhe, chairman of the board of directors of Zhongyi Company, and Mr. Wang Wenjiao, Mr. Zhang Yuqiang, Mr. Wang Jiansong, Mr. Pan Huiqing, deputy director of the Talent Center, and Mr. Dai Qinxiang and Mr. Sun Jing attended the meeting。

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